Zsiska Collection, "Bellissima" Necklace 72401020RGRQ07
Zsiska Collection, "Bellissima" Necklace 72401020RGRQ07
Zsiska Collection

Zsiska Collection, "Bellissima" Necklace 72401020RGRQ07

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Brazil resin jewellery is handmade in Brazil.

This jewellery is considered wearable art, as each item is unique. Resin can be recycled and is therefore eco-friendly. The designs are fresh and contemporary, incorporating the colour and happiness of Brazil’s lifestyle and attitude.  This necklace is adjustable making it perfect for any neckline.

  • Made under strict fair-trade conditions.
  • To keep your Brazil jewellery in perfect condition, avoid knocking it against hard surfaces or exposing it to extreme heat.
  • When treated with love, resin will last for many years.
  • To clean and restore your Brazil jewellery to it’s original brilliance, simply rub a small amount of moisturizing cream into a cloth and apply it gently to the piece.

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